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Management & Mentoring

Improving a company’s energy performance is critical in today’s world. Efficient use and management of energy allows companies to reduce costs, build revenues and reduce risk. A comprehensive energy strategy is key to improving energy performance, and RG Electrical can supply and install energy saving solutions that will help through this lifecycle.

Building Management Systems

The combination of HVAC and lighting contribute to over 70% of energy used in many buildings. Building Management Systems, from design to commissioning should be carried out in a way that achieves optimum energy saving results.

Voltage Regulation and Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is a term now commonly used to refer to the well known energy saving technique of reducing the electricity voltage supplied to a site in order to reduce losses in equipment.

Voltage optimisation works by reducing losses in electrical and computer equipment thereby reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and energy bills. The lifetime of equipment is also extended (because it generally runs cooler at the reduced voltage), with a consequent reduction in maintenance costs.

Metering, Data Collection and Reporting

Energy management yields significant rewards to the bottom line.

Decisions on investment and payback can be balanced against the long term vision of a company to act responsibility and simultaneously improve profitability.

Introducing metered boards allows:

  • The ability to monitor and measure the impact of energy saving
  • Introduction of methods and tools to collect, analyse and report energy usage
  • Suitable compliance with legislation which may demand disclosure

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