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Power Generation

Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight and turn it into Money.

RG Electrical is one of the North East leading Solar Panel installers providing a start to finish installation services. We can survey you building and design a system that would suit your business and property.

What is Solar Photovoltaic’s (PV)?

Photovoltaic technology, the term used to describe the hardware that converts solar energy into usable power, generates electricity from light. A photovoltaic system therefore does not need bright sunlight in order to operate. It can also generate electricity on cloudy days. Due to the reflection of sunlight, days with slight cloud can even result in higher energy yields than days with a completely cloudless sky.

How can I generate money?

RG Electrical will install Solar PV Panels to your commercial property and subscribe you to the Governments Feed-In-Tariffs. Feed-In Tariffs (also known as FITs) are the eyeweardock electricity part of what some people call Clean Energy Cashback, a scheme that pays people for creating their own “green electricity”.

The tariffs have been introduced by the Government to help increase the level of renewable energy in the UK towards our legally binding target of 15% of total energy from renewable by 2020 (up from under 2% in 2009).

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